Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hello there – I’m Winifred Cleaves AKA CW, a 22-year-old English graduate with an old passion for writing and a relatively new one for gaming – reading was lost somewhere over the last few years, but it inches back steadily every day. I live in the North West with my significantly significant other, C, and my two kitties, Cookie and Millie. As much as it is a cliché, I am harbouring a serious coffee addiction – paying with headaches and shakes if I don’t get my fix in the morning. Notably, I’ve managed to drag it back from double-figure cups per day a feat that took time, I assure you.

The only thing I’m worse with than coffee, is chocolate. Again, I’ve managed to cut it mostly out altogether, but if I have a whole bar to myself and I don’t watch what I’m doing, it basically leads to a bit of a binge.

One of my biggest achievements is getting a First in a Creative Writing assignment in my second year of university. Writing has always been something that I enjoy doing, though I do have a tendency to start a story and leave it alone for ages afterwards. Poetry is something I enjoy reading and writing; some of the best collections for me include works by Carol Ann Duffy, like The Bees and Rapture.

Creating this blog is an attempt to keep me writing – doing something relevant with my degree –  and to hopefully connect with other like-minded people along the way. Other than that, I’m often trying to think up topics to add to my growing collection, which is beginning to fill me with pride.


As a recent Graduate, I have yet to find a legitimate-sounding job that has in turn asked me for an interview. Hopefully this will not be the case for long (fingers, toes, everything crossed!), and whether I finally get that interview, or indeed, land my dream job, I will be writing about the situation as it progresses, maybe offering tips for interviews, based upon what I wished I had done (retrospect wishing happens a lot).

Good Films

With so much time on my hands lately, the amount of TV I have been able to watch is amazing, even given the time spent in my other hobbies. For this I have to thank TV show-crazed C, and from this collection I have a few gems to sell. Although most of my favourites have come from among the Gothic, Sci-Fi and Horror genres, a recent binge of feel-good films has added to my viewing repertoire. When I get round to it, there will be all the more to share.

Good Books

From an early age, I have held onto old loves like like Alanna: The First Adventure, and the Crestomancy series for their high fantasy content and imagination-fueling adventures. It is my love of Young Adult Fantasy literature that led to writers like Tamora Pierce and Diana Wynne Jones being the main subjects of my Dissertation, and as a result, I did not find it as awful to write. While most of my best reads come from this genre, there are a few mature ones that I will never regret opening up, such as work by Dean Koontz – The Taking and By the Light of the Moon, among others.

Just one of the purposes of this blog is to develop my writing skills, and showcase what I can do with a bit of motivation. I’m not nearly where I want to be just yet, but with time, and hopefully some outside input, my little project might get the attention it needs to grow into something lovely.

Additionally, interested readers might find me also on Fanfiction and Fictionpress, under Winifred.Cleaves.

– CW


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