Welcome to my first little-big project! Yay! Hope you found the place OK.

I’ve taken steps to rustle up this tangent-ridden collection, which I have deemed an acceptable array. Anyone who stumbles upon this hidden junk cave might feel that it needs a tip or two to spruce up – if this is the case, and you have just the metaphorical tin of paint to match the rough frame I’ve already laid out, please don’t hesitate to comment, I’m all ears!

Things have slowed down a bit since I was contacted for work experience last week. In the meantime, I’m slowly working my way through another post to show you, as well as job searching, practicing Driving Theory, Hazard Perception and being at work experience from 10am to 4pm. Every day. As one who has only ever had part-time jobs, I’ve never worked so hard in my life!


Having posted a fraction of my Dishonorable Addiction yesterday, I thought I might let you know that there will be more to see shortly after this week. Halloween is just days away, and those who haven’t already done their cosplaying and partying, will be tearing up to do so for the 31st. Speaking of which, here is a clue about what my next post will involve; 8:3. Until then, Happy Haunting!



As some may have noticed, I haven’t fully settled on a theme to use for my blog.. unfortunately, I didn’t like how the colours in the Grisaille theme clashed no matter what I did. The search continues, and I won’t be happy until I get it right.

In other news, my Fallout 4 post is up, and I am slowly inching through a small creative piece. With a bit more determination, I’ll be able to post it soon.

If anyone has any tips to give on how to pick a theme (for a beginner, clearly), I would greatly appreciate the help. Maybe then I can quit emulating a chameleon. Ta ta.


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