Happy Belated Halloween!

I’m going to guess, that those of you not still feeling the after effects of too many jager bombs, are suffering from a combination of weekday grumps and post-party Halloween blues, inevitably left behind after one of my favourite holidays of the year. So here is a little something to cheer you up. As promised, C and I certainly went all out, and became Splicers for the evening, spending a good two weeks beforehand putting together, molding and painting our very own Bioshock rabbit masks, in order to look the part of a couple of crazies escaped from Fort Frolic. Needless to say, we looked awesome!

The disappointing thing about dressing as Splicers, and attending the local Halloween pub party, was that there were very, very few others who could guess what we were. I can’t even recall the amount of times someone insisted that I was trying to be a playboy bunny, or something equally foolish, but hey, they were absolutely gazeboed, so I forgive them. Regardless of what some thought we were, everyone who found out that our masks were home-made were impressed, which really made up for everything else.

On the left, C's mask, and the right is mine.
On the left, C’s mask, and the right is mine.

IMG_20151103_071711094 IMG_20151103_071720209

Upon deciding that we wanted to be Splicers this Halloween, C and I set about looking at tutorials on how to make a rabbit mask, one of the most recognisable masks in the first two Bioshock games. I found a very helpful tutorial by ohaple on Youtube, which handily provides a clear list of stuff to buy in the description. You will find it here.

As you will see in the video, ohaple has made a sweet-looking mask, and added LED lights to the eyes, giving it a very spooky splicer look. Just to make our masks our own, we relied on most of what the video recommends, but did our own thing some of the time, like missing out on Mod Podge and the LED lights.

Instead of the full-face mask used in the video, we started out with a cat mask, which came from Ebay for £4.00, including postage – just type in plain cat mask, and it is the first option. When it arrived, we trimmed the ears like so:


And you can probably see that I have already begun to round the eyes out a bit, using some leftover cardstock.

A closer look at the eye.

So, after making the eyes look a little bit rounder, ready for shaping with clay, the ears could be drawn, cut out, and after clay, the mask was really starting to come together.

Mask after clay.
Mask on the left after clay.

There were a few hiccups, such as where I painted my mask black for a crackle effect using glue, found out that I had bought the wrong kind of glue, and had to paint it white again. This resulted in another few layers of paint being needed, until I became happy with the not-quite-white, as it actually turned out as decrepit-looking as I’d wanted. Who’d have thought?

Since the masks turned out better than I hoped, I’m not so fussed that I didn’t get to use the crackle method, but anyone wishing to give it a try (because, why not, it looks super cool), you can find the video tutorial here. I fully recommend using the two linked videos to craft your own mask, should the need to look a bit spliced-up arise – no offense whatsoever to Etsy or its users, but the ones we made were better (and less wallet-punching) than some of the ones we found on there.

So, I hope you enjoyed the read, I would love to read some of your proud Halloween costume moments; what was your biggest project? And it doesn’t even have to be from All Hallows – maybe you’ve just done a darn good cosplay that you’ll want to share.

I’ll leave you with my first attempt at carving a pumpkin. Thanks for reading!

My first carving.
My first carving.


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