Dragon Age: My Never-Ending Story

Warning: Contains very minor spoilers.


It’s happening again.

Since picking up Dragon Age: Origins some years ago, and putting it down again a few weeks later (“Fine. Right. Let’s get started”), Inquisition was on my to-do list for a while before it came out in 2014. It was one of three games I managed to Platinum this year, along with Thief and Dishonored, and now, thanks to recently-released DLCs, the can of worms has been reopened.

Finally able to acquire the additional content for Dragon Age: Inquisition, once more I was dragged back into the world of Thedas, and drawn in by one of the most immersive games I have ever played. It only recently came to my attention that the new Trespasser DLC would entail the conclusion of the Solas/Dread Wolf storyline (!!!!), hence my hurry to catch up. As usual, however, it resulted in a whole new Lavellan (who looks exactly the same as the last four), and the inevitable attempt (and complete failure) to resist the allure of the best and worst romance in the game.

So, thirty hours in, I am just about ready for the inescapable rejection, hoping for a speedy completion (no pun intended) so that the final chapter in my Inquisitior’s story may finally be played. Out of the numerable treks through Inquisition, this is by far my fastest run through, and I’m still gunning to make it as difficult a task as possible to reach the end. Since my usual read-around revealed some minor spoilers, I am now focused on levelling up as fast as possible, while trying to complete every companion quest, so that I get to find out what happens to them all after they are done with the Inquisition.

I can point out as well, that having just started The Descent (for the levelled weapons, armor – and 30 Dragon bone lootable at the beginning), I am looking forward to this being the most thorough, and therefore most fulfilling of all my Dragon Age playthroughs.


Sorry it’s so short, but it is for a good cause – maybe I’ll be inspired to write more once it is all over, though since I’ll be revisiting Origins, and playing Dragon Age II for the first time, this game may never actually end: a job well done Bioware!



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