It’s definitely been a while, but when a massive hiccough blows you off track, things tend to slip a little. I’m still reading, but writing about it is not coming as quickly as it did before, since I now have a job to think about. In China. Teaching Kindergarten.

As you can imagine, going from hopelessly jobless to getting an offer for something like this, it was a massively big deal for me. Still is. Currently sat in my own apartment, on my first holiday, having completed the first month of teaching. What shall I do today? Go try that noodle bar I keep walking past? Visit the spar outside my building for a treatment? So many more doors open, it’s hard to recall why the windows that closed beforehand were so important.

There are a plethora of amazing things about China that I want to write about. Give me time to get my head around what to share first!




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