Do Llama’s Fall in Love?

Ever think that, all our New Year’s Resolutions seem to contain, are orders to lose some things and deprive ourselves of others? It certainly made for a disappointing January, after the let-loose attitude so often associated with December. Around that time, anything can be justified by the single most popular phrase of the season; “It’s Christmas.”
But back to January just gone. Instead of trying to loose those few extra pounds (a goal many people are perpetually aiming for anyway), I wanted to gain something for a change. Some might remember my list of resolutions from the Last Post, one of which was to read a book a month for the next year. As you may imagine, after setting this goal in stone, I was briefly overcome with panicked, book-finding fever, during which I tore the house upside down looking for unread books for the list. What I found was a pretty random collection, only one of which made it into Time Magazine’s 100 best novels of all time.
Do Llamas Fall in Love, by Peter Cave
The first read of 2016.
So, beginning in January, I’m off to a good start with Do Llamas Fall in Love?
A book that C brought to the table, which I liked to look at but never had the time to start, Do Llamas Fall in Love? is an intellectual little number. Split into 33 smallish chapters, it contains stories varying from the humorous to the mathematical, and while some left me reeling (the chapter on transitive preference gave me a headache), others offered thought-provoking ideas. For instance, as a self-professed agnostic, I took some delight in reading the paradoxes that arise from God being supposedly omnipotent.
The book’s structure seems tailored for the reader with little time, or in my case, just getting back into it. This is as ideal a medium as the short story today, as readers find it more difficult to be immersed in a full-length novel, due to the demands of everyday life, work and technology. In terms of chapter content, you will find quirky, well-written snippets to tease your brain-buds in not unpleasant ways.

Next up: I am Legend, by Richard Matheson
Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Do Llama’s Fall in Love?

  1. I admire your resolve. I started out thinking I would attempt a variety of genres this year that I haven’t explored like erotica (but NOT 50 shades of grey) or historical romance or steampunk but so far I’ve fallen back on my old standbys – mystery novels and short stories. I DO like the sound of this book, though because it has short digestible pieces which suits the time-starved days I live in.

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    1. Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment! Time-starved is right; it’s the reason most people can’t possibly find the time to read. I’m glad you liked my post, and I hope you’ll find interest in the other books I’ve got lined up for the year. Thanks again!


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